Intelligent Keyword Discovery

Discover hidden keywords and phrases and transform your SEO and PPC

The Keyword Brain Cards

Simple Yet Effective Optimising

Your Keywords are presented in a way which allows you to make an informed decision which can significantly improve your online marketing efforts

Data Presentation

We acquire data from directly various Google sources and the target website, we don’t spin 3rd party content

Data Presentation

Keywords are shown in an intelligent way to allow you to see summary cards for ease of decision making

Increasing Results

SEO and PPC benefit massively from using The Keyword Brain, increasing in ‘quality’ traffic and a reduction in wasted spend

Analyze Traffic

Your traffic is analyzed and and we present it to you in summary cards which makes it very quick and easy to see what is happening. There is a minimal learning curve with the software as we want users to be able to make informed decisions with confidence without having to learn how to use complicated software.

Make Informed Decisions

Data is everywhere but what makes the difference is how you use that data. What if you could be asked some very simple questions which could quickly and easily provide you with a positive result for all your future marketing efforts?

What a great feeling it would be to know that the next decision you make could significantly improve your SEO with very little work!

Keyword Research Can Be Easy

If you are looking at data which is about your website you can make better informed decisions. Combining your Keyword Research with some other tactics can prove to be very powerful, The Keyword Brain will show you how.

Keyword Brain Card

"What an amazing piece of software! finally something for SEO and online marketing which anyone can understand. A perfect partner for my financial work."

– Tim Hill
The Financial Game

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